Your commercial real estate broker Allten helps you select the ideal candidate 

Allten is an established commercial real estate broker in Belgium. Present throughout Belgium, it knows all the specificities of both regional and local real estate markets. 

As a specialist in commercial real estate in Belgium, Allten acts on all types of professional property: warehouses, offices, retails, storage spaces, real estate investment, coworking spaces, etc. 

Thanks to its extensive professional network, Allten can put you in touch with potential candidates that meet your criteria. They will help you to ensure that the rental or selling process of your business property is profitable, efficient and fast. 

Why entrust the rental or sale of your business property to Allten 

Small or medium companies, large organization, private investors, etc. Allten offers you a tailored service for your real estate project. By choosing Allten to rent or sell your commercial or professional property, you benefit from a number of advantages: 

  • A relevant analysis of the local real estate market and of the transactions carried out in the vicinity of your property, allowing you to define an appropriate real estate strategy;
  • Estimation of the sale or rental price in the most optimal way;
  • Advice on the development of your property: renovation, optimization of surfaces…;
  • Elaboration of a professional advertisement;
  • Proposal of the property on the agency’s professional network;
  • Research and selection of candidates best suited to your project;
  • Management of visits;
  • Administrative follow-up;
  • Optimisation of transaction costs;
  •  Advice on how to increase the value of your property.

Furthermore, Allten is able to negotiate with the various buyers or tenants interested in your property. If necessary, we can also check the creditworthiness of potential candidates on your behalf.

Allten helps you find the right candidate

Allten, a reliable partner and a relationship based on trust

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Do you want to sell, or rent your office, warehouse or business?

Allten will find you the ideal candidate. 

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