Warehouse for rent: direct benefits

Renting a warehouse in Belgium is a suitable solution for a company in a development phase. Whether it is a storage space or a workshop warehouse to rent, this solution is advantageous on several levels.

First of all, it allows you to solve any storage problems for products or goods at low cost.

Secondly, it offers you the advantage of being able to adapt the storage space in line with your company’s evolution. For example, in the event of a decline in orders, you can terminate your leasing contract and rent a new warehouse/industrial building that will suit your needs.

Furthermore, renting a storage shed avoids direct operating costs: water, electricity, gas, equipment maintenance, handling costs, etc. It is therefore both a practical and economical solution in the short term.

Warehouse for sale: a more profitable option in the long run

While leasing offers compelling advantages in terms of flexibility and cost savings, it is not always suitable for mature companies with regular storage needs. In fact, buying a warehouse offers greater stability than renting (no risk of rent review or termination of the lease by the owner).

Moreover, a company that owns its warehouse has greater liberty in adapting the warehouse according to the evolution of its activity and storage needs.

In the event of a decline in production, you can rent the space you don’t need any more to other companies and generate monthly rental income.

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Tips for choosing a warehouse

Here are some practical tips for choosing an industrial building/storage space:

  • Identify your needs and define your research strategy;
  • Select the geographical area you are looking for;
  • Draw up your specifications: budget, technical characteristics (surface area, height, electrical power, access for heavy goods vehicles, heating, air conditioning, etc.), deadline, etc;
  •  Prioritise a warehouse which disposes of offices to rent, as this solution offers the advantage of having one or more offices for stock management and administrative staff.


To conclude, renting a warehouse offers several advantages in the short term. Nevertheless, buying is more advantageous in the long run. Wheter you will choose to rent or buy a warehouse depends mainly on the size, activity and development of your company.

Remember that the help of a professional is essential when renting or selling a warehouse in Belgium. Allten’s advisors, specialists in business real estate, are available to help you with your project.

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