As a commercial real estate broker, Allten strives to be your partner in the sale, purchase or rental of offices, industrial buildings, and commercial spaces. Whether you are the present owner or the future lessor of a commercial premises, we will provide you with clear, relevant and professional advice to allow you to complete your transaction(s) in the best conditions and within the shortest timeframe. 

Our main activities in the commercial real estate market are





Allten, a targeted approach of the market

In addition to the experience acquired by its founders, Cédric van Zeeland, Antoine Ide and Alexandre Gaspar and their collaborators, Allten approaches the Belgian market by dividing it into areas and assigning one local agent to every zone. This ensures that you will receive sound advice from agents who have a thorough knowledge of the local and regional markets.  

Allten, a professional service

With the aim of providing the best service, Allten focuses its offers and searches on professional premises. The advice is precise and always motivated by an in-depth analysis of the local targeted market(s). Additionally, upon request Allten is able to carry out an optimization of the rented or purchases premises on your behalf (or with you).

Allten act as a facilitator of reference in any commercial real estate transactions. Our mission is to make supply and demand meet, assist owners, tenants and buyers to accurately target their real estate needs and meet their expectations. 

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Allten is a commercial real estate broker whose mission is to find the ideal space for your business. 

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