Office for rent: the advantages of renting

Depending on the activity, it is often necessary to have an office to set up your business. In this context, renting an office is popular for its many advantages:

  •  Flexibility;
  • Larger choices in terms of location and equipment, whether it is for renting furnished or unfurnished offices;
  • The possibility to deduct operating costs from taxes: rent, operating costs, insurance, etc;

 Of course, it is also an affordable solution that allows you to quickly have professional offices at controlled costs.

Buying an office: the main avantages

Buying offices in Belgium offers many advantages:

  • Greater stability than renting;
  • Building up a property portfolio;
  • Protection against rental constraints (rent increases, eviction from premises);
  • Depreciation of the purchase price;
  • The possibility of reselling the offices and making a capital gain.

This solution often requires a large budget. It is particularly suitable for companies with sufficient cash flow.

Offices: criterias for making the right choice

Whether you are looking for an office space to rent or an office to buy, there are some important criteria to consider:

  • The surface of the office;
  • The environment and facilities (business district, incubators, coworking space);
  • The accessibility;
  • The terms and conditions of the contract.

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